Physical Hard Drive Recovery: What Should You Know?

physical hard drive recovery

We store unlimited data in the hard drives of our digital devices including pictures and important files. Even thinking of losing this data makes our skin crawl. But, if you do end up losing your hard drive data, do not panic. We will give you the solution to recover all your physical data.


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What is physical data recovery?


Physical data recovery refers to the process that engages in salvaging lost data from a physically damaged hard drive. It becomes necessary when there is physical damage that disables the data from being normally interpreted. In this process, raw data is extracted from a damaged hard drive disc.


Can you recover data from a physically damaged hard drive?


Yes, you can absolutely do that using skilled recovery services. When your hard drive goes through physical damage, some data loss is pretty much guaranteed.


There are various factors that can cause physical damage to your hard drive, for example, moisture penetration or overheating. You will discover a detailed guide on how to recover your hard drive data after physical damage in this article.


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Can a physically damaged hard drive be recovered?


Recovering a hard drive is harder than you think. Physically damaged hard drive data recovery is possible where you can extract the data stored in the hard drive, although you cannot retrieve the drive itself.


However, there are some controversial ways that can supposedly revive your hard drive. You can do it yourself, as any DIY enthusiast would prefer, or you can seek professional help which is advisably the right thing to do if the data you want to recover is important.


But before you decide which way to go, make sure you check out the possible or trivial issues by yourself first.


  • Verify the reason behind the failure.


As mentioned earlier, there are several ways that your hard drive can be damaged. Before you land on any conclusion, make sure that your drive is actually broken.

How do you know that the hard drive is broken? Your hard drive will give you clear hints when it fails. You will hear a constant and loud clicking noise that distinctively tells you that it is dead.


  • Check all the connections


If the connections are loose, that can be the reason behind all the abnormalities. Fixing this is the easiest and most inexpensive solution. If the power connection and all other connections are not fitted well, nothing will work properly.


  • Check your PC board for possible failures


Sometimes, the culprit can be your PC board instead of the hard drive. Check carefully for visual signs of damage like burns. Solving PCB problems is easy and quick. You won’t have to go through any hassle. Simply search on google for PCB replacement.


  • The DIY Repair


It is possible for you to salvage your hard drive yourself. However, the odds are low that you will succeed. Two ways to try recovering a damaged hard drive that is Internet popular include heating your hard drive in a microwave or cooling it in a freezer. These kinds of ‘solutions’ are most likely to cause more damage.


  • Solutions using Softwares


If you investigate the internet, you will find several pieces of advice involving suggestions to download software that can solve your hard drive issue.

Every site or article will probably give you different software suggestions. These are not trustworthy and you can end up with viruses or paying for something totally worthless.


  • Go for Professional Help


If the data is important for you to save and is worth paying a professional company, always go with professional help-seeking. There are plenty of companies out there, so before you choose anyone, make sure you evaluate them and get the most out of your money.


  • Go through their reviews


Check the customer reviews of the company. This will give you an impression of the eligibility of their solutions.


  • Check their credentials


Know how many years the company has been serving, and how experienced they are. It matters a lot because a company that has been working for a long time is more likely to come up with faster and more effective solutions.


  • Contact them


Have a two-way conversation about what your problem is and how fast they can solve it. Ask them about their price ranges and make sure it is affordable. Often, experienced firms charge a lot higher than regular companies. Affordability matters a lot here.


Why Choose Data Recovery Station?


Data Recovery Station has been serving in the electronic recovery industry since 2008 and is a renowned company in Bangladesh. We provide recovery services for laptops, Macs, Windows, CCTV, etc. We have experienced experts and a 95% success rate. You can contact us anytime because we offer 24/7/365 services.


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Data we store in our devices are essential for our lives and losing it is a very worrisome event to occur. However, our hard drives might not have enough emotions to manifest our troubles and may end up getting damaged.


Thankfully, there are several ways you can recover your data stored on the hard drive. The best solution out of all is to go ask a professional service provider.


This article has attempted to give you all the possible answers to the questions you might have. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to come up with a decision about your physical hard drive recovery solution.

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