Md Mahbub Hossain: A Pioneer Data Recovery Expert In Bangladesh

Md Mahbub Hossain

Md Mahbub Hossain is a talented person who made a special place for tech users called the Data Recovery Station. He is the founder of this company and also a Professional Data Recovery Expert. His innovative work is now inspiring for our youth. Mahbub has been doing data recovery with full dedication in the past 16 years in Bangladesh. He is known as a world-renowned data recovery specialist, and in Bangladesh, He is the leading expert in the field.


From this article, you will learn about the lifestyle, educational qualifications, and innovative works of Mahbub Hossain Shahi, the Best Data Recovery Expert in Bangladesh. Let’s get started.


Who is Mahbub Hossain Shahi?


Mahbub Hossain Shahi is a remarkable figure in Bangladesh. He is known for his great contribution to the field of data recovery. He is recognized for creating the Data Recovery Station which is an innovative platform in Bangladesh. This platform is designed to retrieve lost digital information. Shahi was born and raised in Bangladesh.


Mahbub Hossain Shahi had a deep fascination with computers and technology. However, Shahi’s journey with the Data Recovery Station began with a common problem of losing important files due to technical updates or any accidental deletion. Frustrated by the lack of effective solutions, he started a mission to develop tools and techniques that could bring back lost data efficiently.


With a deep determination and an analytical mindset, Shahi started to study data structures, software working processes, and computer systems in online content. He spent countless hours researching and experimenting. At last, he learned about how to store data and retrieve it within digital devices.


To search for the solution to losing data, shahi faced numerous challenges. He also faced many failures but he didn’t back down. Mahbub used each failure as a learning opportunity. His tireless dedication led him to develop innovative software tools that could recover data easily.


This achievement marked a significant milestone in the field of data recovery. Shahi’s platform offers a user-friendly interface decorated with powerful algorithms, making it accessible to a wide range of people seeking to recover their valuable information. His success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring hidden innovators worldwide.


Now, Mahbub Hossain Shahi is considered as a Boss of Data Recovery. Shahi’s work is so important today that it is still helpful for tech-related people. People always remind him of his great contribution to the data recovery sector.


Family Back Down


A family plays a vital role in everyone’s success. Shahis’ family was not different in this respect. Mahbub Hossain Shahi grew up in a pleasant home that was filled with love and laughter. His family is not so big. He has two sisters.


They lived in a friendly and comfortable society where everyone knew each other. His father was a journalist and he was a very hardworking man. He loved sharing knowledge and learning items with children. He also encouraged Shahi to go for his interest and curiosity.


Mahbub’s mother is a very kind woman. She is also very nurturing. She is an ideal housewife who always keeps up his family with warmth and care. She was the pillar of the shahi’s success. All the time she supports his curiosity and creativity.


Mahbub shared a close bond with his sisters. They are not only her siblings but also his best friends. His sisters were also curious about new learnings like Mahbub. In their home, all of the family members are supportive.


They always encouraged Mahbub to follow his passion. Mahbub was deeply inspired by his parents. He was taught about the values of hard work, kindness, etc by his parents. To help in the research of young Mahbub, his father got an internet connection in 2003. This was a huge deal for Mahbub because it allowed him to explore and experiment.


When he was growing up day by day, he was fascinated by computers and electrical devices. He spent his valuable hours with them. He tried to understand how computers work. His family noticed it and supported him. They did their best to provide resources and update information for Mahbub.


Though their family is small, Mahbub’s parents believed in the power of education. They supported him to dream big and fulfill his aspirations. Shahi’s parents advised him to pursue his higher study in computer science.


But With unwavering support and belief Mahbub, started his educational journey in BBA. He was frequently called home to share the experience of his higher studies. Shahi’s family background shaped him to be determined, passionate about his dream, and fascination.


Education Qualification


Mahbub’s journey through education was filled with curiosity, learning, and a deep passion for electrical devices. When he was a young he was fascinated by computers.


For this, shahi explored many devices when he could get his hands on. His formal education began in a local school where he showed extraordinary activities in mathematics and science. Shahi’s teachers noticed his talent for problem-solving and appreciated him.


Lacking modern technology in his school, Shahi could not find any way to experiment with modern resources. That’s why after completing his secondary education, Shahi decided to study business administration.


His family also agreed with his decision. He finished his BBA from the University of Development Alternative (UODA). In his college life, he gained access to computers and other modern electronic devices and gathered knowledge about it.


He immersed himself in programming languages, computer architecture, etc. At that time balancing studies, work, and personal commitments was like a struggle for him. He spent countless nights learning and experimenting.


After completing his undergraduate, shahi decided to pursue his master’s degree. Shahi’s educational journey was not just about obtaining degrees. He wanted to make a difference in the technology-based world.


Career Journey


After completing his undergraduate, he joined a private airline. But he could not do work attentively there. He quit his job and started working to build up a Data Recovery Station.


He said that now several technology institutes give him technical assistance. He also said that once, a lot of money is spent to recover data abroad. But now, depending on the loss of the hard disk, to get services in DRS (Data Recovery Station), the cost will be 1 thousand to 40 thousand.


Generally, it is possible to recover up to 85-95 percent of data depending on the type of hard disk damage. Mahbub also wants to establish a training institute in the country where the young generation will get an opportunity to learn about it.


How He Started The Data Recovery Station?


How he providing world class data recovery is impressive now. But the journey was not smooth at all. Since 2001 Mahbub has tried to solve all the problems connected with computers. He also helped others to solve their tech-related problems. He got his first internet connection in 2003. From that time, his scope of learning increased.


However, many years ago, he faced a problem that brought him here to build up a Data Recovery Station. Around 2005, the hard disk of his father’s computer, which contained much-needed information, crashed. It was not possible to recover the data even after many attempts. Since then, Mahbub started studying data recovery. He regularly studied and searched for new information about it.


At last, he found an effective online platform for data recovery experts. Mahbub mentions that it has turned his life around. In 2006 he became a customer of the DOS version of the software called Firmware Repair, which is used to analyze hard drives.


Next year he subscribed to the Windows version. Since then as a freelancer, Mahbub started working on data recovery. In fact, he got a job in a private airline company in 2012 after completing his graduation and post-graduation from the University of Development Alternative in the capital. But could not settle here for a long time. Because his passion was to be Data recovery expertise. That’s why he is top class data recovery specialist now!


What Service Data Recovery Station Offer Now?


Md Mahbub Hossain Shahi


The journey of the Data Recovery Station started as a virtual service and research center around 2005/2006. Web registration was done in 2008 and then in 2014, it was officially started as a Data Recovery Station.


In 2014, he bought the hardware and software of this related technology from different countries and built a Data Recovery Lab. Then his vision started with the Data Recovery Station.


It has an experienced team who have been serving faithfully for more years. Usually, up to 100 percent data recovery is possible in most cases depending on the type of hard disk damage. It is a trustable place, where there is no compromise in the quality of technical work.


It has 100 clean room facilities. You can discuss your problem any time with a member of the Data Recovery Station. Some services of DRS are


  • SD, CF Card Recovery
  • Red camera, Drone DSLR camera Recovery
  • HDD or hard disk recovery
  • SSD or solid-state drive recovery
  • Data recovery from any digital storage except CCTV/ DVR/NVR/XVR
  • troubleshoot operating systems or hard disk problems of industrial machines.


This company is a great solution to recover your lost data from any device. It is the country’s first and only in-house hardware-based lab that works for data recovery. Placing an order here is too easy.


Firstly you need to drop your device and then the experts of DRS analyze its recovery possibility. After completing these two steps, customers are notified about the quotation. And the Data Recovery Station eagerly waits for the customer’s approval. Usually, it takes two days to manage a problem. In some cases, it takes only a few hours.


But sometimes it takes even months to reach any conclusion. It depends on the cruciality and sensitivity of the issue. This organization has served almost 7040 customers. And the success rate is 95 percent. However, reaching this customer number and standard service was not an easy task for Mahbub.


Why You Should Choose The Data Recovery Station?


Data Recovery Station is a Data Recovery Company in Bangladesh that holds ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our top priority is ensuring the utmost safety throughout the data recovery process. In order to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, we utilize cutting-edge technology in our data recovery service.


• Data recovery station has an experienced team, who have been serving faithfully for 16 years.
• Generally 100 percent data recovery possibility in most cases depending on the type of hard drive damage
Recovery is possible.
• It has world class state-of-the-art labs, where there is no compromise in the quality of technical work.
• Option to decide whether or not to recover data after analysis.
• They have Class 100 clean room facility.
• Responsible enough, can discuss your problem at any time.

• The Data Recovery Station is able to perform data recovery at industry standard price and significantly less time.
• There is a collection of technologies from all over the world for data recovery.


Address of Mahbub Hossain Shahi’s office

Address of DRS or Data Recovery Station or Mahbub’s workplace:

House 9, ground floor, road 9, Rupnagar R/A
Shiyal bari, Mirpur, Dhaka Bangladesh.


Award and Recognition


In 2015, China-based data recovery technology manufacturer and training institute ‘Dolphin Data Lab’ awarded Mahbub a ‘certificate of excellence’ based on his data recovery understanding.


He has a good reputation with data recovery services, and the scope of work is increasing day by day. Therefore, he is developing some data recovery experts in his organization, with whom he has created a special team. They are currently assisting in the data recovery of numerous individuals, banks, multinational companies, and technology organizations in the country.


Mahbub has been engaged in data recovery for about 15 years with great success. Now, shahi hopes the Data Recovery Station will turn into a most trustable place for the tech world after a few years. He has a further plan for offering courses on data recovery to create enough experts for his industry.


He is an inspiration for the younger generation and future innovators. His remarkable achievements helped to shape the landscape of data recovery.

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