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For all types of hard disk drive, desktop, laptop, server and external. From Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX and all other computer operating systems.

About Company

We Are Data Recovery Services Fast and Easy Since 2006

Data Recovery Station was founded in mind with the name “Virtual Service & Research Centre (VSRC)” in 2006 by Md. Mahbub Hossain, also known as of his nickname Shahi. Which was registered in the web in January 10, 2008 (vsrcbd.com), later it was reformed as “Data Recovery Station” by registering in the web as www.datarecoverystation.com

– 21st January 2015, to establish and provide professional data recovery service in Bangladesh. As a pioneer of the industry, Data Recovery Station is always committed
to provide the innovative platform with state of the art technologies, expertise for Bank, MNC, and Corporates – for any small business to large business organization.




Years of Experience

Our Recognitions

You need assistance from experienced engineers that avoid a data loss tragedy, when your media fails. As a customer, you need an excellent security, fast turnaround and the best available technology to recover your files as swiftly and as securely as possible.

Experienced experts

you need an excellent security, and the best available technology to recover your files.

Reliable support

Our goal is to deliver reliable & dependable data recovery service support, whom you can trust.

95%+ Success

We have the ability to recuperate your data from all kind of digital storage devices from any type of data.

24/7/365 Customer service

DATA RECOVERY STATION offers the best possible service for the customer satisfactions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy users from different data loss scenario from digital storage devices ex: HDD, SSD, Flash Drive, and NAS/RAID Server by ensuring maximum possible safety especially in data recovery process.

Our Vision

To become an undisputed leader in data recovery service in Bangladesh by providing quality services and solutions with close cooperation with our vendors and clients where clients will elect us as the most trusted source for diverse range of solutions under one roof.

Our Story



The light bulb moment as Md. Mahbub Hossain realizes the significance of dealing with data damage and recovery. The first step was using hardware technologies for HDD recovery.

Virtual Service & Research Centre

Looking at the demand of the service, web registration was completed as vsrcbd.com (Virtual Service & Research Centre)


Massive Change Started

Massive change started into the industry since the arrival of 2nd data recovery service in Bangladesh but while they found they came up to solve cases from Data Recovery Station – It was our big achievement.



Server Recovery Technologies

Addition of Server HDD Recovery Technologies

Class 100 Clean Facility

Started dealing mechanical failure of HDD under “Class 100 Clean Lab Facility”



Certificate of Excellence

Achieved“Certificate of Excellence” online – based on the usage of the data recovery hardware technologies from Dolphin Data Lab.

3rd Data Recovery Company became our client

Arrival of 3rd Data Recovery Company in Bangladesh, and also they are on same trend like 2nd Data Recovery Service, and they started solving the cases from Data Recovery Station when they find the cases unsolvable!2017 – Improved facility for DVR/NVR Recovery


Improved facility for SSD Recovery

Improved facility for SSD Recovery


ISO 2001: 2015 Certified

Improved facility for Flash Drive Recovery and ISO 2001: 2015 Certified.


Large Size Server & NAS Recovery

Improvement of facility for Large Size Server & NAS Recovery


Our Team

we help business and personal users in different industry to get their data loss scenario solved.
It helps them running a smooth business.
Our dedicated team is behind the scene to conduct successfully recoveries

Mahbub Hossain Shahi

Md Mahbub Hossain

Chief Data Recovery Expert