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Become Service Partner: (DATA RECOVERY STATION)


In the IT industry of Bangladesh, data recovery is an often neglected extension of customer service and many businesses are not familiar with data recovery services which is a specialized service. Let our data recovery service complement your primary service offering! 


By partnering with Data Recovery Station, you clearly demonstrate your strength and understanding of the total cost of ownership. As an authorized DATA RECOVERY STATION partner, you increase your client’s reliance on your organization and erase the potential threat of your competitors acquiring your customers.


When you contact Data Recovery Station, you can expect the best possible quality service; confidentiality and security; and most importantly, results.


Quality service – An experienced Data Recovery Station expert will evaluate your customer’s unique situation and help determine what course of action to take. Upon receiving your customer’s drive, our goal is to have the evaluation finished within 24-48 hours, and a complete turnaround in 3-5 business days.


Confidentiality and security – Data Recovery Station’s evaluation and recovery process is conducted in secure labs with controlled access to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Every member of the DATA RECOVERY STATION team is under non-disclosure.


Results – Our data recovery experts use the latest technologies and tools, including our own unique proprietary methods, and often have been able to recover data that other data recovery service experts and companies have deemed unrecoverable.


Referral Program


Referrals are appreciated and will receive preferential treatment. The Referral Program is specially designed for organizations to refer their clients who have data recovery needs, who faced sudden data loss situations. Contact DATA RECOVERY STATION representative today to find out about the extraordinary benefits for your company.


Reseller Program/ Private Label


We work with you to meet their needs while remaining in the background. You serve as your client’s single point of contact to replace and/or repair their data storage media as well as provide an established process for data recovery. As an authorized reseller, you remain in charge of your relationship with your customers who require data recovery. You will be able to minimize your client’s downtime and maximize your value as we recover your client’s data while you service your customer’s equipment needs.

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