Data Recovery Price

Data Recovery Price in Bangladesh, For all types of hard disk drive, desktop, laptop, server and external. From Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX and all other computer operating systems.


All data recovery cases are different, and the cost of a data recovery case can vary wildly depending on the situation.

The size of the hard drive and the severity of the damage the hard drive has suffered have a large impact on the amount of work a data recovery professional needs to be able to salvage data from it.

For example

a clicking hard drive may simply need its magnetic read/write heads replaced in order for its data to be salvaged. Or the drive may need its read/write heads replaced and its firmware repaired. It may need multiple sets of replacement parts, and its platters may need advanced level cleaning before an expert can successfully recover the data from the drive.

That’s why we do all our evaluations at first–so we can tell you how much our services will cost

Our Reasonable Data Recovery Price

Check out our data recovery price for all types of hard disk drive, desktop, laptop, server and external. From Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX and all other computer operating systems.

Basic Recovery

Start From
2500 TK
  • SATA/PATA HDD Recovery
  • USB/External HDD Recovery
  • Logical data loss scenario
  • Desktop or Laptop HDD

Minor Recovery

Start From
5000 TK
  • SATA/PATA HDD Recovery
  • USB/External HDD Recovery
  • Electronics or minor issues
  • Desktop or Laptop HDD

Semi-Advanced Recovery

Start From
15000 TK
  • SATA/PATA HDD Recovery
  • USB/External HDD
  • Laptop or Desktop HDD
  • HDD SSD with any interface

Advanced Recovery

Start From
25000 TK
  • SATA/PATA HDD Recovery
  • USB/External HDD
  • Desktop or Laptop HDD

Flash Drive Recovery

Start From
1000 TK
  • Pen Drive
  • Memory Cards Except
  • Camera cards

Video Recovery

Start From
4000 TK
  • SD/CF Card
  • If card is from DSLR, RED
  • Camera, GoPro, Drone etc

Raid Recovery Price

Start From
50,000 TK

DVR/NVR Recovery Price

Start From
25,000 TK

Additional Data Recovery Charges


We charge a small Analysis Fee to cover up your time we spent to analyze and consult (Non-Refundable):



-SAS/SCSI HDD – Unit of RAID Server – 5,000TK


-NAS/SAN – 5,000TK




-Flash Drive – 200TK




-It is sometimes we see Customer himself, or by Office IT Staff, or by Computer Repair Shop, or by IT Support Technician makes irreversible damage to the media and/or data by the unprofessional attempt of recovery, which makes the data recovery further complicated, time-consuming and more expensive. It is requested to bring the devices in person and make an extensive discussion in the office with our Head Data Recovery Expert (To meet Head Data Recovery Expert – Make a scheduled appointment over the phone before you visit).


-Express/Emergency Service Charge = Minimum 5,000TK and/or 25% additional along with total cost o actual recovery, whichever is higher will be applicable additionally, Also, If it is Weekend/Out of Office Hour,

Standard Process

1. We will receive the HDD with the applicable non-refundable fee. We will check the HDD to determine the problem (Few hours to 4 days), then we will quote you the charge as well as will inform you approximate recovery time.


2. If you agree, then pay 50% advance so that we can start the recovery process, If disagree, then collect back your HDD.


3. We will proceed to recover and will send/show you recovered file or file list, then if you are satisfied, then collect data and pay for the associated expenses (if applicable).

The Cost of recovery depends on several factors including the type of failed storage media, cause of device failure, the purchase of additional components, and how many engineers it will take to recover the information. Also factored into the cost is the tools, experience and reputation of the data recovery company. Flat rate pricing is not realistic as the recovery process varies from case to case. Companies who use this type of pricing are not reputable.

The cost of data recovery services is likely to vary greatly depending on the type of data loss and the type of drive failure. Let’s know the some reasons

  •          Specialized facilities
  •          Class 100 clean facility
  •          Sophisticated technology
  •          Certified Technician
  •          Replacement elements
  •          Data Security
  •          Machinery
  •          Recovery time

How to Reduce Data Recovery Costs?

  • Immediately stop using your HDD, SSD, Flash Disk, Server, etc.
  • Do not try to recover data by inexperienced people.
  • Go to the certified Data Recovery Service Center.
Data Recovery Station’ can be your trusted and better solution. Because it’s the country’s first and only in-house hardware-based data recovery lab. Data Recovery Station has been providing world-class data recovery service in Bangladesh since 2006.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Largest Lab in Bangladesh
  • Highest Success Rate Guaranteed
  • Class 100 Clean Lab Facility

For any kind of physical or logical data loss situation, you can always take the Data Recovery Station as your one-stop solution. You will enjoy world-class facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world ensures the highest success rate in Bangladesh.

Best Solution For Your Device

Drop it to us we will recover your data.

Data Recovery Price
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