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Lost Your Data? Don’t Panic!

Data Recovery Station Can Help You.
It’s world-class data recovery company that offers a fast, 

secure, and professional data recovery services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We, DRS Offer Advanced Level HDD, SSD, RAID Server, and NAS Server Data Recovery in Bangladesh. We have the ability to salvage your data from all kinds of digital storage devices, with any interface for any type of data loss situation.

ISO data recovery company

Data Recovery Station is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Data Recovery Company in Bangladesh. We always ensure the safest process for data recovery. And to keep the phase with the new technology, we use the latest technology in our data recovery service.    

Who We Are

Country’s First & Only in house hardware based lab data recovery company in Bangladesh since 2006

Being the first ever Data Recovery Company Dhaka, Data Recovery Station offers a fast, secure & hassle-free world-class data recovery service. Data Recovery Station knows inside out of all kinds of digital storage devices.


We recover data from functional, non-functional, damaged devices, having formatted, no detection, slow loading, burn, dropped, clicking, etc.


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Years of Experience

10,000+ Companies Trust Data Recovery Station

Data Recovery Services

You need assistance from experienced experts who are equipped with STATE OF
THE ART technologies when you have lost your most valuable data! Yes, that’s what a professional Professional data recovery company like Data Recovery Station can ensure for you.

We are working as the pioneer in data recovery in Bangladesh Dhaka. We are providing the first and only world-class lab-based data recovery service in Bangladesh for more than 17 years. Our data recovery services come with a 100% money-back policy. To have the best experience of Data Recovery Bangladesh,

Check out our all services.

HDD Recovery

Lost data from your
HDD? Call us; we
can help!

Laptop Recovery

Lost data from your
laptop? Call us; we can help!

MAC Recovery

Apple computers have
quickly expanded fame
over the past few years.

RAID Recovery

RAID data recovery
service at critical

Windows Recovery

We salvage
data from all Windows,
including OS recovery

SD/CF Recovery

SD cards, micro SD
cards, CF cards, and any
other memory storage

CCTV Recovery

We provide a range of
recovery services for

Linux Recovery

We provide a strong
service to recover your
data from Linux either
physical level or logical

Lab Based Data Recovery Service in Bangladesh

Data recovery in BD is no more hectic now! You will find with us even the server recovery service in Bangladesh. Being one of the trustworthy data recovery Dhaka, we always try to keep our promise. We recover data from functional, non-functional, damaged devices, having formatted, no detection, slow loading, burn, dropped, clicking, etc.

We have a full-optimized data recovery lab in Bangladesh. That’s how we can secure the safest and most secure data recovery for our clients. We make hard disk data recovery in Dhaka. Along with that, SSD data recovery Bangladesh is one of the up-to-the-mark services that we have been providing for 16 years.

Apart from our new branch in Elephant road, we are in business from our main head office of Mirpur to ensure effortless Data recovery in Mirpur for our clients. It’s the No.1 Data Recovery in Bangladesh

Looking for Data Recovery Company?

Yes, You’re in the right place. We have the ability to salvage your data from all kinds of digital storage devices, with any interface from any type of data loss situation.

Recovery Process

We always follow a unique process for each client to ensure
that recovery success is achieved and users are happy.


Drop Device

Drop your media at
our location



Analysis of the
media with


Quotation & Approval

We update you status,
estimates cost and



Recover the media
into our specialized
data recovery lab.


Data Verify & Delivery

After recovery, verify
your data, payment
and delivery

What Makes Us Different

With our approach to data recovery, Our methods continue to be proven in this challenging field of recovery with delivering what we promise

Assistance from experienced experts

you need an excellent security, and the best available technology to recover your files.

Reliable support

Our goal is to deliver reliable & dependable data recovery service support, whom you can trust.

Solution for all kind of devices

We have the ability to salvage your data from all kind of digital storage devices from any type of data loss scenario.

24/7/365 Customer service

DATA RECOVERY STATION offers on demand any time service in the best possible way possible for customer satisfaction when time is critical and you are looking for a data recovery center in bd.

World Class Data Recovery Services in Dhaka Bangladesh

The country’s first data recovery company, Data Recovery Station with 16 years of experience, is now “Multiplan Center” at New Elephant Road. So, you can approach us now as a Data recovery center near me. Yes, data recovery elephant road is very close to you!



Now you can easily contact our “Head Office & Lab” (Mirpur 2, Dhaka) and new branch “Multiplan Center” (New Elephant Road, Dhaka) for any data recovery services. And of course, data recovery Multiplan should be your ultimate destination when you have lost data! Recovering data from corrupted/non-functional/inaccessible or formatted hard disks is impossible somewhere else. However, data recovery from that is our main specialty.



Stay with the country’s number 1 technology-based professional data recovery center Dhaka, “Data Recovery Station”, and recover any data safely.

If you are from the following area – Gulshan, Uttara, Banani, Savar, Tongi, Gazipur, etc. we recommend to your closest area is Rupnagar, Mirpur, (Our Head office and Lab). Whereas if you are from Motijheel, Jatrabari, Shantinagar, Moghbazar, Dhanmondi etc, your closest area is our New Elephant Road Multiplan Branch.

Trust the experts at Data Recovery Station for all your data recovery needs.

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We recover any type of data from any digital storage. If you need to recover your data, we are ready to help. For any data loss issues –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every electronic device and digital storage media contains valuable information and that information can be made inaccessible due to technical, mechanical, or logical failure. The process of accessing, retrieving, and restoring that inaccessible data is called data recovery.

At this stage, you might ask what is a data recovery and how does it work exactly? Well, in terms of data recovery software, it applies the algorithms of metadata analysis.


Metadata is information about a file system’s hidden services. Its analysis enables the software to find the main storage structures. Furthermore, it maintains track of the location of files, directory hierarchy, their contents, and properties.

When metadata analysis fails to produce the desired result, the search for files based on their known content is usually used. Data recovery software can employ all of the strategies outlined above simultaneously during a single scan on storage to quickly obtain the lost files.

You need a data recovery solution if you experience inaccessibility of files and folders, unrecognized format, virus attacks, accidental deletions, permanent deletion of files, inaccessible partitions, corrupt documents, unexpected system shutdowns, error messages while opening a file and there are endless reasons due to which you cannot access your data.

The Cost of recovery depends on several factors including the type of failed storage media, cause of device failure, the purchase of additional components, and how many engineers it will take to recover the information. Also factored into the cost is the tools, experience and reputation of the data recovery company. Flat rate pricing is not realistic as the recovery process varies from case to case. Companies who use this type of pricing are not reputable. Every Data Recovery Company are doing analysis first and then saying fixed data recovery price.

These are some of the common factors that cause data loss on hard drives:


Power Failure 


When the mechanical arm inside the hard disk is busy writing data on the rotating drive, and the power goes out, then it can damage the disk. If there are voltage fluctuations when the disk is in use, this similar occurrence can also  happen.


Data Corruption


A hard disk is considered to do its job with nearly 100% accuracy. Yet, there is always some risk of data corruption. For example, malware attacks, installation of unlicensed software, abrupt shutdowns, etc. can corrupt the data on your hard drive consequently making it unreadable.




When you run a computer a certain amount of heat is generated by its various components such as the processor, graphics card, and hard drive. Most of the time, this isn’t somewhat to worry about as the CPU fan and the GPU fan(s) are designed to push this heat out of the system. Yet, if they stop working or dust gets gathered on the machinery, the heat can build-up extremely and damage your computer system, including the hard drive.

The following are some of the symptoms that may indicate that your hard drive is in danger:


Clicking Noise


If your hard drive is making strange mechanical/clicking sounds, it may be the mechanical problems that may soon cause hard disk failure, you should immediately stop powering the drive and take it to a Real Data Recovery Company instead of IT department or Local Computer Repair shop. Because repeated power to the drive or continuous power-up might make the condition worse.


Poor Performance


A fading hard disk can seriously affect a computer’s performance. Therefore, you may observe frequent system freezes, crashes, and sub-par reading/writing speeds. These may indicate that the time has come for hard disk recovery.


Files Disappearing


If you notice that files are disappearing from your computer system for no particular reason, it can be a sign of danger that permits instant hard disk recovery.

Power Off:


Turn off the power to your computer or storage device to avoid more damage.


Water Damage:


Do not dry it out. Corrosion to the media begins with drying and increases the loss of data. Place the hard drive in an air-tight zip lock bag and send it as soon as possible to a DATA RECOVERY COMPANY called Data Recovery Station BD for hard drive data recovery services.


Strange Noises


Turn off the power. If your hard drive is making strange clicking or grinding noises, this is a sign that your drive might have experienced a head crash and is not reading the data correctly. There is a chance repeated power up can destroy/degrade magnetic media. DO NOT LATE. Straight take to a Data Recovery Center called Data Recovery Station

Hard drive is a delicate device as it has moving parts inside. Therefore, if your hard drive is not functioning and you have a reason to believe it has failed, the safest and most effective way of dealing with it is to choose a professional hard drive recovery services provider such as DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh!


The following are some of the most common causes of laptop data loss include:


  • Moisture/ Liquid
  • Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Motherboard Failure
  • Overheating
  • Data Corruption

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