How to recover data from a fusion drive?

How to recover data from fusion drive

Apple Inc is using a composite storage drive in their Mac computers called Fusion Drive. They made this affordable memory drive by pairing a low-cost HDD ( Hard Disk Drive) and a super-fast flash storage drive SSD ( Solid State Drive).


But Mac users may face the problem of losing their data from Fusion Drives. And losing any necessary data can put anyone in a tough situation. So, our today’s session is about how to recover data from a Fusion Drive.


The devices made by Apple are technologically very strong. Nevertheless, the fusion drive is not 100 % flawless concerning its reliability. There may happen some issues like a software problem, connection loss between the two drives, and some user problems that result in loss of data.


If you are worried about your data being lost from your Fusion drive, don’t worry. By completing reading this post, you will get the way to get back your lost data from the Fusion Drive.


How to recover data from a fusion drive?


The data recovery process from the Fusion Drive is a little bit complex due to the mixed nature of the drive. The data on the Fusion Drive is stored on the two disks without any reflecting or equality calculations. The data is fragmented heavily on the upper part of the disks.


The necessary metadata to read the data correctly remains on both components of the disk. Hence, if any disk separation occurs, all of the data becomes unusable.


Some of the data loss recovery procedures are given below.


Keeping Data Recovery Possible With Fusion Drives


We know that the fusion drive is made by pairing SSD with HDD. Fusion Drive works in the internal function of a PC.


For this reason, some Mac users and even computer repair specialists don’t understand that the PC contains Fusion Drive. This can result in some harmful effects during data recovery from the Fusion Drive.


The Solid State Device (SSD) used in the Fusion Drive is a slim disk that remains almost hidden in the hard disk setup. So the Mac user and computer repair specialists may easily remain unnoticed about the SSD, which is important to deciding about the necessary data recovery.


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To recover data from a Fusion Drive, we need to ensure both the hard disk and flash disk are okay. If the sensitive SSD parts are damaged anyway, data recovery tasks from the PC become very difficult.


Even data recovery may not be possible with a cracked SSD part of a Fusion Drive. So to keep the data recoverable, the SSD part of the Fusion Drive and the data stored in the SSD part are important.


Fusion Drive data recovery in Bangladesh


There are several professional data recovery services in Bangladesh. They have been providing data recovery services successfully for many years.


Among them, Data Recovery Station is a very popular and authentic data recovery organization. Their data recovery success rate is above 90%.



They have a digital lab and updated data recovery equipment along with some professional hands. They provide data recovery services from Raid Server, NAS server, HDD, SDD, and hybrid storage devices like Fusion Drive.


If you are looking for your Fusion drive data recovery, Data Recovery Station should be your ultimate destination.


How to recover deleted/lost files from Fusion drive on Mac?


The fusion drive has two drives joined together. Sometimes you may find two separate disks in the disk finder in place of one drive. That means your PC drives are not working as a Fusion Drive.


In this case, you may lose your data from the Fusion Drive and need to recover it. Data recovery from Fusion Drive is more complicated than regular drives like SDD and HDD.


Data recovery from a Fusion Drive may be divided into two categories.


Data recovery from the PC backup:


Creating and maintaining a backup is the best way to ensure data safety. You can easily restore your lost data from the backup. It is the best method for any kind of data recovery.


Deleted or lost data recovery from a Fusion Drive without backup:


In this case, you have to use the software. iBoysoft is a professional Mac storage data recovery software. It can recover data even if it is deleted from the recycle bin.


Let’s see how to recover Fusion Drive data with iBoysoft.


1st step: Download, install, and run the iBoysoft for your Mac computer data recovery.


2nd step: Mark the Fusion drive and scan for the deleted or lost files. If the Fusion drive is found split into two drives, then go to the 3rd step.


3rd step: For APFS encrypted Fusion drive, you have to put in the encrypted APFS password.


4th step: iBoysoft will scan for lost data from the Mac Fusion Drive.


5th step: Preview your lost files and data from the iBoysoft data recovery system. iBoysoft can preview photos, videos, files, etc, to see the recoverable data.


6th step: Mark the necessary files and select recovery to start restoring the missing data.


If there are no other problems in your Fusion Drive, you will be able to restore your lost data for sure by the iBoysoft.


Recover data from split Fusion drive!


If you find your Fusion Drive broken into two separate drives. Go through the below procedure to recover the lost data.


1st step: Download, install and run the iBoysoft for your Mac computer data recovery.


2nd step:  Select ” Find lost APFS partitions ” from the top-right nook.


3rd step: Mark the hard disk and Scan the APFS panel.


4th step: If you find a prior APFS partition, mark it and scan for the lost data.


For an encrypted APFS partition, you have to enter a password here.


Step 5: iBoysoft will scan in this step for lost data from the whole hard disk.

Step 6: Select and preview your missing files here to restore them.


Step 7: Mark the necessary files and start the recovery process.


We hope your recovery process will be completed through these steps. If it is not possible with iBoysoft, you can use UFS Explorer data recovery software. It is an expert-level data recovery software.


UFS explorer professional data recovery


UFS Explorer data recovery software is used to recover highly confusing data.  The software can recover data from Raid Server, Hybrid Raid, Btrfs Raid, ZFS RAID-Z,  NAS server, HDD, SDD, and hybrid storage devices like Fusion Drive, etc. It also supports a lot of files used in the operating systems macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.


The software has an expanded data reading system, and modern technology to create drive images. It can deal with different storage technologies.


There is an in-built drive decryption system in the software. It can reconstruct different RAIDs. Anyone can buy a full version of this software and use it to recover their lost data from storage devices.




The Fusion Drive is an affordable but vulnerable data storage drive. The data stored in Fusion Drive may be lost for many reasons. And to restore any lost data in your Fusion Drive storage, a proper diagnosis of the problem is necessary.


After diagnosing the problem, you may recover the lost data by a standard procedure. Our efforts here were about how to recover data from Fusion Drive.


We hope you will get back your lost data with our assistance here.

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