Best Free Data Recovery Software That Actually Works

Best Free Data Recovery Software

Recovering lost data can be an intimidating task. Still, we are all dealing with more and more data loss issues in our lives as days are passing by. That is why we need to come up with ideas to tackle them.


Well, guess what? You can always count on the best free data recovery software to save the day! These are not only free of cost but also accessible options to recover all the data safely and precisely.


So, today, let us break down all the facts about free data recovery software and find out some of the best ones that actually work.


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What should you know about using recovery software?


Sure, the data recovery software has come a long way over the past few years. Still, there is a lot for you to know about free data recovery software that actually works. So, for starters, you need to have a basic understanding of how a data recovery system works.


Not to mention, having a clear perception of the lost data is also crucial. For instance, when you are recovering data through software, you should ensure that it is not overwriting.
Again, the software that you choose should be capable of recovering a decent amount of data at a time. A preview of the recovering data can help a lot in keeping track of the process.


And finally, you should know briefly about the current situation of your system. Any software that does not work with your operating system will not be able to retrieve any data. Instead, it can make things even worse. So, make sure to keep all these factors in check.


Best free hard disk data recovery software


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


You can lose or corrupt your data in many ways. However, the best free data recovery software must have the ability to retrieve your data regardless of how you lost them.
Just like that, the EaseUS has been proved to be a reliable source that safely recovers your precious data. Through the free software, you can handle all sorts of issues like accidental deletion, formatting of data, or even partition loss.


The free version of the software gives you a limit of 2 GB retrieval. Hence, to enjoy unlimited access, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. Otherwise, you can still carry on with your recovery process with the free one.


Special feature


  • Works for over 1000 types of files
  • Offers a 3-step process for data recovery
  • Discards threats of viruses and other corruptions


Recuva – Hard Disk Recovery


The Recuva is amazing recovery software that works flawlessly for hard disk data retrieval. Unlike most other free software, it comes with a highly interactive interface.
While recovering data, it will throw a bunch of questions in front of you. These questions will guide you all the way and make things a lot easier. That is why it takes the shortest amount of time while recovering lost photos or emails.


Now, an important thing here is that you do not get previews of the results. That means you can only see the results after recovering all your files and not before that. So, keep that in mind while you are running it on your system.


Special feature


  • Includes portable versions
  • Finds all the files via deep scan mode
  • No limits on data recovery with the standard version


Disk Drill Data Recovery


Hard disk data retrieval can’t be easier than using the Disk Drill recovery. With a simple user interface, it starts working on the lost data without any delay.
Not just that, it also comes with a data protection facility for the users. The free version covers a total of 500 MB of data recovery. Of course, you can enjoy the limitless recovery on a premium version.


After the recovery process, the software performs a drive backup. This step makes sure that your data will be safe and protected in the future. Thus, it can be an excellent choice for your hard disk data retrieval.


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Special feature


  • Assorts the recovered files by category
  • Flexible with several types of file formats
  • Enable filtering through data size


Best free data recovery software windows 10


Glarysoft File Recovery


A common drawback of free recovery software is that they often do not support pausing during the scan. But with Glarysoft File Recovery, you can pause the process any time you like.
You get to select a drive to start the recovery process. After scanning the drive, the software will present you with a list of the deleted files. After that, you can select the files that you want to retrieve.


The software fully supports Windows 10. In addition, it allows you to delete and sort the files while scanning them at the same time. That means you can enjoy the multitasking functionalities too.


Special feature


  • The organized layout of recovered files
  • Easy selection and user-friendly interface
  • Convenient filtering options


SoftPerfect File Recovery


SoftPerfect is a lightweight and free file recovery software. As we all know, typical data recovery services tend to take quite a lot of time. Besides, the costs of these services leave a great impact too.


However, with this software, you can get all the facilities most conveniently. The interface makes it easy for you to scan, sort, and retrieve your lost data within a short period.
The best thing about this software is that it takes up only 500 KB space of your device. That means you can easily download the file and enjoy its portability as well.


Special feature


  • Enables searching via file extension
  • Simultaneous recovery facility
  • Allows you to work from portable locations


Wise Data Recovery


There cannot be any fixed rule for recovering data. That is why Wise Data Recovery prioritizes user-friendliness the most. For the scanning purpose, you will get two distinct options.
One is for a small duration whereas the other one is for a deep search. That means you can select any scanning method based on your preference. Again, unlike most other free software, you will not face any issues with portability here.


Because of the small size, you can easily download it within a few minutes. Now, you should keep in mind that the previous folder structure will not be the same after the recovery process. So, you might need to do a bit of sorting after the recovery.


Special feature


  • Easy searching for empty files
  • Overwriting options for deleted data
  • Multiple searching methods



Best free data recovery software mac


Ontrack Data Recovery


Reliability and confidentiality are essential qualities of the best free data recovery software. And so, the Ontrack provides you with the most reliable service.
With most free software, you get a pretty easy setup process. However, the Ontrack recovery requires some vital information from the user to ensure its integrity. So, you will rely on it for undeleting your valuable data.


Moreover, the software facilitates advanced recovery features for Macs too. For instance, it can tackle RAID recovery. You will not find many options in the market that can perform that. Therefore, it is currently one of the most popular software for mac.


Special feature


  • Adjustable with several storage devices
  • Previews result before the actual recovery
  • Takes minimal time for scanning


PhotoRec Data Recovery


It is not easy to find good-quality free software for mac. But this PhotoRec open source recovery software changed the game. The software is adaptive to all sorts of devices and operating systems.


On top of that, the quality of it is nothing less than highly-paid software. You can retrieve file extensions up to 480. Not just that, it includes a text-only interface.
Now, because of such an interface, it might seem a bit difficult for beginners. Nonetheless, once you get used to that, the software will become a great asset for all your future data recoveries as well.


Special feature


  • Compatible with all file formats
  • Supports a wide range of platforms
  • Unlimited recovery access


TestDisk Data Recovery


This one is another great open-source recovery software. Due to the command-line tool, you can use it for almost any system you like. Besides, with its open-source nature, you can modify the software according to your preference.


Now, such modifications are quite tricky and are not suitable for beginners. So, make sure that you have a thorough understanding before altering anything.
The thing that makes TestDisk different from the other free software is that it focuses on repairing lost partitions instead of files. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for those of you who have a good command of the text-only interface.


Special feature


  • Resolves booting issues
  • Works with all operating systems
  • Recovers damaged partitions on any device


Best free data recovery software for android


Jihosoft Android Recovery


Android data recovery is slightly different than most other recoveries. An android recovery software must deal with accidental deletions, system crashes, and factory resetting.
That is why Jihosoft android recovery provides you with all the qualities that you need to tackle these issues. Besides, the interface has an interactive design that allows you to handle it without much effort.


Just like photos and videos, the software can also undelete your messages and contacts. Now, it applies to social messages too. As a result, you get to retrieve all your lost data at home without spending your time on expensive data recovery service providers.


Special feature


  • Compatible with all android phones
  • Recovers data from external storage devices
  • Handles damage from a system crash


MyJad Android Data Recovery


You might have heard about recovering lost data from a damaged device. But what happens if your android device gets stolen? Well, that is not a big deal if you have this MyJad android recovery software.


The software has the special feature of backing up your essential data. This way, it retrieves your data even if your device is dead or entirely damaged. Also, it is guaranteed to support a wide range of platforms.


So, you can access it from your laptops, phones, and even your tablets. And the best part of all is that all these features come for free! So, it is a must-have for all android users.


Special feature


  • User-friendly previews of recovered files
  • The restoration works on any device
  • Efficient backup options


Tenorshare Data Recovery


The Tenorshare free data recovery software creates a whole new experience for all android users. You will be amazed by its high-speed data recovery. Use it on any device you like, and it will recover your files within just a few minutes.


The software is also known for its amazing compatibility. You can work on it with any operating system you like. Furthermore, it supports all android phones as well. As a result, it proves to be extremely user-friendly.


Unlike other free android recovery software, it deals with a wide range of problems. That is why it can recover messages, emails, videos, docs, images, and many other files with maximum precision.


Special feature


  • Works on Android OS 1.5 to 6
  • Facilitates scheduled backup options
  • Recovers from both external and internal storage


How to use a free data recovery software


Different data recovery software target different audiences. For instance, if you are a mac user, you will not try to recover your files with Windows-dedicated software. Now, in recent times, many of these free software support several platforms and systems.


Regardless of these differences, you will notice a common workflow with free data recovery software. So, here is how to use it.




The process starts with the installation of the software. Now, generally, free software is easy to download and install. They do not take much space and often come with a few questions about the user for safety purposes.


Select location


To specify where to perform the recovery, you will be selecting the location of the drive. In some cases, there might be options to work on multiple paths at the same time. Nevertheless, most of them work on one drive at a time.




You can choose what type of scanning you want. For a fast procedure, you can select a quick scan. Again, there will be a deep scanning option for elaborate searching. Through these scannings, the software will preview the lost data on the drive.


Start recovering


This is the last step of the recovery process. You can either select specific files or retrieve the entire drive. In most cases, there will be a recovery button that you have to click to start undeleting your files. After the retrieval, the files will appear in their previous locations.


When & why avoid data recovery software


Using the best free data recovery software is surely an outstanding remedy for your lost data. However, there are times when it is better to avoid them.
A common drawback of free software is the uncertainty of recovery success. In many cases, the software tends to overwrite the files and cause permanent loss. Moreover, you might also corrupt your device with malware and viruses.


Now, let’s say you are trying to recover confidential or private data. In these cases, you cannot afford to take risks of data corruption or permanent loss.
Again, software alone cannot handle data loss due to physical damages. Not just that, most free recovery software fails to tackle issues like chip-off recovery and raid failure as well.
That is why these cases are better off with professional data recovery services. You can rely on trusted recovery providers like the Data Recovery Station. It is a one-stop solution for all your recovery-related problems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can free recovery software cause harm to my system?


Unfortunately, it can cause harm to your system. Nonetheless, you can find safe options that you can rely on.


How long does it take to retrieve data using free software?


Well, the duration varies depending on the size of the data and the condition of your system. Even so, good-quality software should be able to recover 1 TB of data within a couple of hours.


What happens if I try to stop the software in the middle of the recovery process?


Interrupting the recovery software in the middle of the process can lead you to overwrite your lost data instead of retrieving it. Thus, you might permanently lose that data.


Can I use any free software to recover my lost data?


You cannot retrieve your lost data unless the software that you are using is fully compatible with your device and operating system.


Do I get any limitations on the features with free recovery software?


Yes. Much free software offers a limited amount of features for the trial period. Later on, after getting the paid version, you can access the rest of the features.


Wrap up


The best free data recovery software can make your life a whole lot easier. As it comes with predefined instructions, you don’t really have to do much with the actual recovery process.


However, having a clear understanding of the situation and staying away from malicious software are absolute necessities. Therefore, analyze your situation first and choose the perfect software to retrieve your valuable data.


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