10 Best Data Recovery Software, Comparison, Pros and Cons

best data recovery software

We all know how amazing data recovery services are working these days. But there are times when we need something that is a bit more accessible for recovering data by ourselves. 

And that is when the best-paid data recovery software comes into action. These are certainly the smartest and quickest solutions for all your data loss issues. 


Now, due to the increasing demand, the market is filled with recovery software. So, to find the best one, we recommend you to analyze, compare and contrast the available ones. 


Therefore, today, we will present to you the 10 best recovery software to analyze to find the perfect one. 


Best Paid Data Recovery Software- Comparison Chat 


Software Name Most Compatible OS Beginner Friendly Supported File Format
Stellar Data Recovery Windows, Mac Yes  Basic formats
Data Rescue 5 Windows No  100+ formats
iSkysoft for Mac & Windows Windows, Mac Yes  Basic formats
Disk Drill Data Recovery Windows, Mac Yes  400+ formats
R-Studio Windows, Mac, Linux No  100+ formats
EaseUS Data Recovery Windows Yes  1000+ formats
Disk Warrior Mac Yes  Basic formats
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Windows, Mac Yes  100 formats
Remo Data Recovery Software Mac Yes  300+ formats
DM Disk Data Recovery Windows No  Basic formats


10 Best Paid Data Recovery Software 


The comparison chart has given us a quick glimpse of the software. Now, let us break down the details by discussing each of these elaborately. 


Stellar Data Recovery


Experience is the key to success for Stellar Data Recovery. The software is working on retrieving damaged and lost data for more than 20 years. As a result, it highly prioritizes the needs of the users. 


The user-friendly interface makes it super easy to use. Besides, the best paid data recovery software for windows is also compatible with a wide range of platforms. Moreover, it works incredibly well with large storage. 


So, you can try out recovering all those large files within a short period. It also allows you to choose and add the latest file headers. Thus, you can enhance the features of the software and use it to solve advanced recovery issues. 




  • Compatible with Unicode recovery
  • Keeps the files safe from corruption
  • Quick scanning makes the recovery faster 
  • Multiple preview options
  • Adjustable features for better personalization



  • Needs a minimum license period of one-year


Data Rescue 5


The Data Rescue 5 is one of the best professional data recovery software options. You can enjoy both professional and general mode with it. Not to mention, the transition between these modes is also very smooth. 


Another attractive feature of it is the smart cloning mechanism. When a drive is about to get corrupted, the software creates a clone of that to a healthy location. This way, it prevents several data loss problems in the future. 


Again, it supports fast and easy scanning sessions. If you want, you can also pause the process and resume it later. With a few adjustments, it gives you an overall protection facility for your laptop, desktop, or any other device. 




  • Works with almost any file type 
  • Compatible with newer windows versions
  • Simultaneous recovery facility for multiple drives 
  • Takes minimal time for recovery




  • The interface takes time to get used to 


iSkysoft for Mac & Windows


It is quite difficult to find good-quality recovery software that works well for multiple OS. However, this best paid data recovery software for mac will change your mind without a doubt. 

The data recovery process is pretty straightforward and includes just a few steps. Not to mention, the interface also has a simple design that helps beginners to work with it. Like most other software, you will need to select your desired drive and then scan that to locate your deleted files. 

After that, the software will undelete those files without corrupting or overwriting them. Moreover, it will also facilitate easy sorting and searching. This way, you can organize your files without any problems. 




  • Provides excellent recovery speed 
  • Easy to organize files after the retrieval
  • Hassle-free scanning process
  • Works with multiple operating systems




  • Not enough technical support


Disk Drill Data Recovery


Scanning a large volume of data can take quite some time. So, the Disk Drill ensures you a great speed. Besides, it allows you to maneuver the scanning process according to your likeness. 

For example, you can pause it anytime you want. Also, there are options to save the scanning process as well. With the help of these, you can easily detect corrupted or deleted files and undelete your images, documents, and videos. 

Plus, you can run the software on three different devices under one registration only. Unlike other data recovery software for hard disks, it keeps running on the back. 

As a result, it detects possible threats, protects data, and creates backups. Thus, you get a total solution for storing your data safely. 




  • Super convenient scanning
  • Works in different languages 
  • Easy to work on all sorts of files 
  • Amazing compatibility with different OS
  • Protects and keeps the vault data safe




  • A bit difficult to upgrade




The R-Studio is one of the most popular data recovery software among professionals. And there are many reasons behind it. For starters, the software was initially developed for professional usage. 


Later on, the design was updated many times to give it a more user-friendly interface. Now, it offers excellent compatibility with all versions of Linux, Windows, and Mac. Not just that, it also prevents you from purchasing different versions. 


However, with this software, you will get plenty of high-profile features. These features are often useless for common data loss scenarios. That is why you get a smart wizard for simple tasks. In total, the software encompasses both regular and professional features for you. 




  • Includes a multilingual interface
  • Smart monitoring facilities
  • Available simple version for beginners
  • Recovers data for any operating system
  • Allows customizations for the user 




  • Managing all the features gets confusing 


EaseUS Data Recovery


Modern data recovery software is all about being convenient. And so, the EaseUS data recovery focuses on enhancing its user-friendliness by adapting to the needs of the users. 


One of the most interesting features of it is the scanning process. The scanning draws out all the deleted files from your internal and external storage. After that, you get to sort those files in several orders to select the ones that you want to retrieve. 


Furthermore, the software guarantees to solve critical issues like crashed windows and hard disk damage. Thus, all these aspects make this software one of the best free paid data recovery online tools. 




  • Supports several languages
  • Easy and adjustable previews
  • Handles RAID recovery
  • Best for partition loss
  • Hassle-free recovery process




  • Lacks additional boot disk
  • Insufficient technical support


Disk Warrior


The Disk Warrior is an ultimate data recovery solution for all Mac users. It targets the faulty or vulnerable drives of your system and solves the errors to repair them. This process improves the overall health of your device and controls other data loss hazards.


The process does not include any difficult steps. Instead, it is quite easy to handle and maneuver according to your choice. With Disk Warrior, you will get volume bitmaps. These work superbly for the rectification of the errors in your drive.


Besides, it also recovers data from damaged hard disks without the risks of corruption. Thus, it provides you with precise data recovery results and also keeps them safe. 




  • Constant health check-ups on drives
  • Superb disk utility services
  • Tackles critical problems of damaged drives
  • Impressive recovery speed 




  • Not suitable for Windows users 


MiniTool Power Data Recovery


The next one on the list is ideal for those who are new to data recovery software. Because of the simple interface design, anyone can work with it. Also, the recovery process with this requires only three easy steps. 


After the retrieval, the software will sort your files according to the types of extensions. This way, it gets easier for you to find and arrange your files. The software also does an excellent job of retrieving lost partitions


Not just that, it also includes a special feature called, “Previous Recovery Result”. Using this feature, you can run multiple recovery sessions at the same time. Therefore, it is super efficient in undeleting your damaged drives. 




  • Available bootable version
  • Recovers data quite fast
  • Works for damaged DVDs
  • Ideal for beginners




  • Do not support minimizing the screen 
  • Lacks mounting facilities 


Remo Data Recovery


Remo Recovery is a reliable solution for all your data loss problems. It detects the damaged or deleted data from your device and retrieves them to their previous locations. Not to mention, the software can recover all sorts of files. 


Moreover, it offers you excellent compatibility with your operating system. The software works on both 64 and 32-bit computers. Again, it supports almost all versions of Windows including Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10. 


Unlike regular free recovery software, it can solve critical problems. So, if your hard drives are severely damaged, you can retrieve all your important files safely using this software. 




  • Handle large file recoveries
  • Detailed previews of the results
  • Supports 300+ file extensions
  • Compatible with all types of devices




  • Does not work on Mac or Linux


DM Disk Data Recovery


This recovery software is popular for its professional design and precise results. With its amazing design, you can handle complicated problems that most recovery software fails to solve. 

The software consists of several components. Each of these components targets different areas. For example, you get distinct parts for RAID constructions and partition management. Therefore, the workflow does not get disrupted and you can recover more data safely. 


That is why it can be compared to professional data recovery services. So, we recommend you to use it if you have prior experience with such software. Otherwise, it might seem a bit difficult for you to manage all the functionalities. 




  • Smart searching facilities
  • Easy preview features
  • Includes great disk utilities
  • Solves critical data loss issues




  • The appearance is a bit backdated
  • Not an ideal option for beginners 



How to Choose the Best Paid Data Recovery Software


Every data recovery method is different and has unique specialities. So, you need to consider the following factors that will help you decide which one is the best-paid data recovery software for you. 


Straightforward design


Complicated interfaces and too many components can make software difficult to use. Besides, these can also lessen the speed of recovery. On the other hand, a simple design can enhance its user-friendliness. 


More people can access the software and use it to undelete their files. That is why it is important to look for a straightforward design in data recovery software. 


Recovery performance


Performance during a recovery process typically means how much data your software can correctly retrieve at a time. You can get information about the recovery performance of software through user reviews. 


If you choose software with unsatisfactory performance, you can risk your data. It can overwrite the deleted files and make things even worse. So, always keep that in check. 


System compatibility


Some software options are better compatible with Windows whereas others are with Mac. Now, your software will not work if it is not compatible with the operating system of your device. Therefore, make sure to check that before purchasing one. 


Recovery speed 


Each software has its unique method to retrieve your data. And so, the speed also varies from one to another. Now, even the most precise data recovery can also seem valueless if it takes too much time. So, make sure that your recovery software does its job in a decent amount of time. 


Privacy policies


This is one of the most important factors that you need to ensure. As we all know, online recovery software often comes with risks of virus attacks and data corruption. 

That is why always check the privacy policies of the software that you are interested in. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage to your valuable data. Also, download it from a trusted page to avoid scams. 


When You Should Use Data Recovery Software


Before you choose or purchase a paid recovery software, you need to figure out the need of using it in the first place. First of all, you do not always need high configuration software to undelete your data. 


Let us assume that you have accidentally deleted a photo or document. Now, the first thing that you need to do is to check your trash or recycle bin. In most cases, your operating system will preserve a copy of that file in these locations. 


Therefore, you can easily undelete that photo or document without any need for external software. Now, let us consider a situation where you do not have a backup. These situations often appear while working on large data. 


Again, it can also happen due to partition losses, and hard disk damages. For these cases, you will need data recovery software to get back your files. 


Paid vs Free Data Recovery


You can find data recovery software in different varieties. Some are free while others require payments. Free software is easy to find but often comes with malware risks. 

Again, you get a threshold or a limit on the data volume. Not to mention, your private data can also get hacked with unauthorized software. 


On the other hand, paid software gives you unlimited access and better features. Moreover, they provide you with easy interfaces too. So, it is better to invest in reliable paid software to get rid of all the risks and inconvenience. 


Lastly, if your problem is too severe to handle, make sure to seek help from professional recovery service providers. Data Recovery Station is a great option to seek help in any case of emergency. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Does a paid recovery software work differently from a free one?


Well, both of them have similar ways to work. It is just that a paid one often includes more features than a free one. 


How much do I need to spend on paid data recovery software?


Although the pricing is different for each software, you should get a good-quality one within 50 to 100 US dollars. 


Is software recovery software safe for my system?


Answer: In most cases, trusted recovery software is safe for your system. However, malicious software poses a risk of corruption and damage. 


Can paid software resolve all data recovery issues?


It can resolve most of the data recovery issues but not everything. Problems related to major physical damages require professional aid.


Does a paid recovery software work on all devices?


Unfortunately, no. The software will not work properly unless it is fully compatible with your device’s operating system. 


Final Verdict 


When it comes to protecting your valuable data, you cannot trust anything but the best paid data recovery software. And that is why we discussed and compared all the best ones that are out there. 


Now, all you need to do is to match the one that meets your requirements and works with your system. And yes. Do not forget to keep up with the constant upgrades to enjoy all the benefits of the latest versions.

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