NVMe vs Optane: Which is better?

NVMe vs Optane

A computer needs memory units. RAM and ROM are the two most well-known types of memory. In computers, there are a variety of memory units. Optane, a memory unit from Intel, is one of them, as it stores frequently needed data and applications close to the CPU.


On the other hand, NVMe refers to non-volatile memory express, one kind of SSD classified as ROM. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of these two memory units, which one is better than the other, and why it is being claimed as the better.


The compatibility of these two memory units will also be discussed here. So, have a look to get a clear idea about NVMe and Optane.


NVMe vs Optane


Optane is a memory unit nearly 20% faster than the SSD. But, Optane offers very little memory space compared to SSD. So, it is tough to suggest only one of them directly to everyone without consideration.


Characteristics of Optane


The Optane is a solid-state and non-volatile memory component. It is built with Intel’s revolutionary 3D Xpoint innovation. It is stated that this technology can provide significant performance benefits over NAND-based systems of storage. It uses binary logic to perform its processes.  


Optane stores the non-volatile data. These are the long-term memories of a computer. Pictures, videos, documents, etc are some examples of non-volatile data. Optane stores them and processes them as per the necessity and instruction.


Characteristics of NVMe


NVMe is another kind of solid-state memory unit like Optane. For any and all sorts of applications, NVMe offers higher throughput and the quickest reaction speed possible. You may not be well-known for the term throughput. Let’s explain with an example.


Suppose, a country has a highway that is designed to pass one thousand cars per hour. But there is a narrow portion of that road that can’t pass more than 500 cars per hour. So, it is not possible to pass 1000 cars per hour on that highway as cars may get congested in the narrow portion. So, here five hundred is the throughput of that highway. On the other hand, the number of one thousand cars refers to the term Bandwidth.


Higher throughput and higher bandwidth always help a memory device to perform at its best. As NVMe has both of these qualities, it performs better than any sort of memory device.


The NVMe scheme employs a PCI Express bus to connect flash memory, which more or less endorses huge numbers of concurrent control queues. And far speedier than the other memory units and conventional all-flash structures, which are assigned to a particular task queue, to obtain a great, minimal latency consumer experience.


Is Intel Optane worth it?


Intel, one of the largest tech device manufacturing companies, has introduced a special kind of memory unit. It is designed to store the frequently used data by a user.


It also stores the programs that are closer to the CPU. So, it can process and deliver data so quickly. Hence, it is able to act as the instructions so quickly. 


Compared to SSD, Optane is 20 percent faster in responding. So, all these qualities may encourage you to buy Optane and use it regularly. Just a minute, you should know more information before making a decision.


NVMe, one kind of SSD, can store a lot of data and hugely more than Optane at the same price. So, it would help if you thought a while before buying one.


The Data Read and Write Speed


Regarding data read and write speed, which one is ahead in the race? Is Intel Optane faster than NVMe’s, or is Intel Optane the same as NVMe?


Intel Optane is undoubtedly faster data read and write speed compared to NVMe. NVMe works a little bit slower than Optane. But it would help if you kept in mind that NVMe offers you massive space to store data.


Some people also ask questions like is Optane faster than SSD? As NVMe itself is one kind of SSD, this question has also been answered here.


Can you use Optane with NVMe?


Yes, it is partially possible to use Optane with NVMe. The motherboard that offers only one M2 slot will not help you in this regard. Because Optane or NVMe occupies one M2 slot. So, only the motherboard offering more than one M2 slot will allow you to use Optane with an NVMe.


If you need to use an Optane with an NVMe, you should be careful about the number of M2 slots while buying a PC.


For further information, Intel allows using an Optane even with the NVMe. So, you may have a look at this. As using both of them together will give you a very good feeling regarding data processing and storage, you can do so. And, of course, be mindful of the above discussion.


Which one should be bought – Optane or NVMe?


Nowadays, tech users expect a faster response from any kind of device. On the other hand, the apps and software have become so complex that they need more efficient processors and memory units. So, making a decision while buying a memory unit has to be wise.


In this regard, the question may come to your mind: should I buy Intel Optane memory or SSD?


So, what to remember while choosing a memory device? Who wins the race of intel Optane drive vs SSD? Let’s know some criteria that may help to make decisions.


  • You can use Optane without hesitation if you don’t care about space and need a lot more speed.
  • NVMe is an excellent option for you if you don’t mind sacrificing speed for greater space.
  • Even if speed and space are both essential to you, NVMe will be able to meet your needs.


Looking at these criteria attentively, think wisely, and then buy the memory unit that suits the best for you.




The memory unit is one of the core parts of a computer. A computer can’t be structured without it and so, you must integrate a memory unit in your PC. In this article, we have discussed from many kinds of memory units which one is the most suitable for you. Is it Optane or NVMe? 


We discussed the compatibility of both memory devices here and, who will buy which has also been discussed. Some criteria were mentioned here that may help you to make decisions while buying a memory device. 

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