How Data Recovery Software Works? The Basics You Should Know

how data recovery software works

In this digital age when practically everything is done on a computer, there is always a potential risk of data loss. Fortunately, we have data recovery software to assist us in such cases, which enables us to recover lost, deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible data from storage devices.


However, you may often have doubts about data recovery software, questioning whether data recovery software really works and other questions of such kind. Well, in this article, you will explore how data recovery software works and whether it is a reliable solution for data recovery or not.


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Does data recovery software really work?


Yes, data recovery software really does work. It searches for lost or accidentally deleted data, and upon finding the deleted data, it recovers the data from digital storage devices such as hard drives, solid-state drives, USB drives, etc.


How effective the recovery software is depends on multiple deciding factors, including the type of data loss, the storage media, and the data recovery software used.


In most cases, data recovery software is successful in recovering lost or deleted data. The software works by scanning the storage media for traces of deleted or lost files.


The deleted file is not immediately removed from the storage media. Instead, the file’s location is marked as available for new data to be written on top of it. Data recovery software can scan the storage media and recover the data before it is overwritten.


However, data recovery software has limitations. Physically damaged storage media, overwritten data, and certain file types like encrypted or compressed files may not be recoverable.


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Can data recovery software recover 100% of data?


No, data recovery software cannot guarantee 100% data recovery and there are good reasons for it. Most notably, if the data has been overwritten, it may not be recoverable.


Besides, the success rate of data recovery software depends on the type of data loss and the storage media. Moreover, some data recovery software may not be able to recover certain types of files.


On the bright side, even if the data recovery software cannot recover 100% of the lost or deleted data, its overall effectiveness does not go away. In most cases, data recovery software can recover a significant amount of data, even 100% of the lost data at times.


How to use data recovery software to recover files?


Data recovery software is designed to recover lost or deleted files. The process of using data recovery software is relatively straightforward.


  • You can easily run the software and select the specific storage device from which you want to recover data.
  • The software will then scan the storage media and display a list of recoverable files.
  • The files can be previewed, and you can choose which ones you want to recover.
  • Once you have selected the files, the software will begin the recovery process.
  • Data recovery time depends widely on the size of the file and the functional power of the device.
  • It can take just a few minutes for smaller files or several hours for larger files.


Is it safe to use data recovery software?


Yes, it is safe to use data recovery software. However, it is essential to use reputable data recovery software from a trusted source. Often malware or other malicious software is distributed as recovery software on the internet. These can damage your computer or even steal your personal data.


Besides, it’s crucial to carefully follow the instructions provided by the software to ensure the best possible chance of successful data recovery. For instance, some data recovery software may require that you stop using the storage device immediately after data loss to prevent further data overwriting.


Failing to follow instructions properly may lead to further loss of data or even make data recovery more challenging.


Why choose Data Recovery Station


Data Recovery Station is a professional data recovery company in Bangladesh, providing service by expert professionals 24/7/365. In addition to data recovery services for laptops, Macs, Windows, CCTV, and other devices, DRS offers advanced-level services for HDD, SSD, RAID, and NAS servers in Bangladesh with a 95% success rate.




Data recovery software is a useful tool for recovering lost or deleted data. While it cannot guarantee a 100% recovery rate, it can still help tremendously by recovering valuable data.
It is imperative to choose a trustworthy service provider in order to get authentic software that can actually work to help you restore your lost or deleted data.


We’ve made an effort to address any of your concerns and queries about the use of data recovery software in this article. After reading this, hopefully, you will have a better understanding of how data recovery software works.

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