Hard Disk repair/refurbish training in Bangladesh

Hard Disk repair training

Do you want to learn hard disk repair or Refurbish in Bangladesh? Well, you are in the right place. We can help to to learn repair different Brands of HDD in the factory level Ex: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi/HGST, etc.


Hard disks are essential components of computers. They store data and provide access to programs and files. If you want to get into computer repair or maintenance, then you should consider taking a hard disk repair course. You can read the whole article for more information.


What is Hard Disk Drive (Know Details)


Hard disks are essential components of computers. They store data and provide access to files and programs. If they fail, then your computer won’t function properly. Hard drives come in various sizes and capacities, from 2GB to 128TB. The larger the capacity, the more expensive the price.


When a hard disk fails, it might seem like a simple fix. However, repairing a hard disk isn’t always straightforward. There are several steps involved, such as removing the old hard disk, installing the new one, and testing it to ensure that it functions correctly. A hard disk has two parts: the platters and the heads. The platter contains magnetic material that stores information. When you turn on your computer, the heads read the information from the platters and write new information onto them.


You might also hear the term RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). This refers to multiple hard drives working together to increase performance and reliability. Hard disk failure rates are high, so having backups is important.


The head reads and writes information by moving over the surface of the platter. It uses an actuator arm to move back and forth across the platter. A motor rotates the platter at high speed, causing it to spin. The platter spins at 7200 RPM in most cases.


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Hard Disk Repairing Training


This course is designed for people who want to learn about hard disk repair and maintenance. It covers all the basics starting with disassembling a hard drive and ending with re-assembly.


There are three types of hard disk failures: mechanical failure, electrical failure, and media failure. Mechanical failure occurs when the platters break off of the spindle. Electrical failure means that the controller board fails. Media failure means that the platters have become unreadable due to physical damage.


The course includes:


What is a hard disk (In detail)? How does a hard disk work? How do I know if my hard disk needs replacing? How can I replace a hard disk? How to change the battery on a computer? As well as Sector Failure, Headstock Failure, Motor Failure, Electrical Shorts & Surges, Adaptive Deviation, and Modes of failure. Metrics of failures and many more errors you can able to fix accurately.


Get In Touch:


Head Office & Lab: House # 9 (Ground Floor), Road # 9, Rupnagar R/A(Shiyal Bari), Mirpur-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh



+880 1758-377114


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