Data Recovery Service in Brahmanbaria

Data Recovery Service in Brahmanbaria

Looking for data professional, standard and trustable data recovery service in Brahmanbaria? Alright, you’re in the right place, here you’ll know which is the best data recovery service center in Brahmanbaria.


When you lost important data from your hard drive disk or any type of digital storage devices, then needed to data recovery service. Most of the users try to recover through the online low-quality software without any knowledge. Then they couldn’t complete data recovery. that’s absolutely wrong. Data Recovery is a very technical and sensitive matter, there is need for enough experience and skill. So if you lost data then you have to go professional data recovery expert.

Now the question is –


Professional Data Recovery Expert in Brahmanbaria


The answer is – Mahbub Hossain Shahi, Yesh Mahbub Hossain Shahi is the best, number one data recovery and hard disk surgery expert in Brahmanbaria as well as the whole Bangladesh. Md. Mahbub Hossain Shahi first started data recovery service in Bangladesh. He is the most experienced Hard Disk Drive Surgery (Internal Damage) and Data Recovery Expert in the country. And also founder and ceo at Data Recovery Station.


He has used his talent, foresight and prudence to establish the most successful data recovery company in the country today. Which is the only ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Data Recovery Company in Bangladesh. He was born in Brahmanbaria and then went to Dhaka to establish a world-class data recovery company. Now, its name is Data Recovery Station.


Why Data Recovery Station is the Best Service Center?


Data Recovery Station is the first and only in-house hardware based state-of-the-art technology lab in Bangladesh that is capable of recovering up to 100% of data from any digital storage such as (hard disk, SSD, RAID server, etc.) using advanced technology.


There is an experienced team, world class dedicated data recovery lab, ISO 5 Standard, Class 100 clean lab facility and international standard service and price.


Over a period of more than 1 decade, 7,000+ different corporate individuals, banks, multinational companies and technology companies have recovered data. Even other data recovery companies in the country depend on our company, which is really commendable and has made the data recovery station a successful company.


Recovering data from a non-functional hard disk / inaccessible hard disk/formatbale hard disk is said to be impossible elsewhere. Recovering data from that is our main specialty. Stay with “Data Recovery Station”, the No. 1 technology based company in the country and feel free to recover any data without any risk.


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House 9 (Ground Floor), Road 9, Rupnagar R/A, (Shiyal Bari) Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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